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Recharge and get paid: How to Register or join

Congratulations as you want to register and start with Recharge and Get Paid .

If you have already registered with RAGP with my referral ID, Go here

If you have not registered or joined recharge and get paid before, continue reading this post

Simply follow the instructions below:

1. Take note and used this referral ID :  Gearcoinz

2. Visit and register on recharge and get paid official site :

3. Fill the recharge and get paid new registration form with your details like surname , othername, email, phone no, desire username and password as well as any 7- digit numbers for purchase pin.

4. After you entered all you details , you need to login again again to add your bank details and pay . you can pay in two ways :

(A). Paying through PAYSTACK means you will pay with your ATM card.

(B) Paying through ewallet means you want any already RAGP members to pay for you from his/her RAGP ewallet account.

If you  have problem with payment or if you want  me to make payment on your behalf by transferring to your E-wallet, just can watsapp me here

Note: Minimum Registration is N5,000 and maximum registration is N100,000. You can see how RAGP works and its packages here

After you registered and paid , RAGP will take 80% of it as the amount you use to buy your VTU portal and will give you 20% back as commission.  E.g if you do N5,000 registration, you will get N1000 back. If you do N10,000 registration, You will get N2000 back.

If you do N50,000 reg, you will get N10,000 back. We recommend N50,000 as registration fee for serious minded Networkers that will bring a lot of people to this business. Then you will now fund your account with any amount. To fund your account after registration, contact me 08039685053.

In my team, the minimum we encourage you to start with is N10,000 , If you cant , then start with 5k and upgrade later
N50,000 registration helps you to earn up to your 10th generation why N100,000 registration will  help you qualify automatically for leadership reward when you get to that stage.
That is it.

7. Finally, send me confirmation to attest you registered with ID gearcoinz. You can send confirmation to my watsapp here or send it to my email :

After , I confirmed it, You will be given login details to access my download page to help you promote your RAGP as quickly as possible . See the download login page here

Try and join today and stop procrastination. The earlier you join, the earlier you succeed with it .

Recharge and get paid is one of the easiest way to make money online from Nigeria.

You will have my full supports when you registered as I demonstrated above in this post.

Join RAGP Today And Have My Free Bonuses

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