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Recharge And Get Paid is one of the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria. They also known as RAGP and they are trending business opportunity here in Nigeria.

When you register (sign up), you instantly get (20%) of your registration fee paid directly to your E-wallet account. When you personally recharge your phone or sell airtime, you get paid (2%). When you personally buy any data subscription from your member login dashboard or sell data, you get paid (10%). When you subscribe your Cable TV or sell for others, you get paid. When you pay for PHCN bill, you get paid. When you refer people; you get paid (20%) with point values (PV) .When your People recharge, you get paid (0.35%) When your people buys data, you get paid (1%) ,Your people buy/sell data, you get paid . Your people refer people; you get paid (10-1%) with point value.

In summary, you received commission each time you recharge on your RAGP member dashboard  and if your referral do the same you get commission too. Isn’t this interesting?

RAGP packages offer Based on your pocket , New Membership Registration is at six (6) different categories.

Below are the categorization:

1. Basic = N5,000

2. Bronze = N10,000

3. Silver = N20,000

4. Gold = N30,000

5. Diamond = N40,000

6. Platinum = N50,000

The good news is that you can always upgrade your status to whatever level you wish, assuming you registered at the level of bronze package which is N10,000, you can later upgrade to any package of your choice at any time.

Let me analyze it further for easy understanding .

If you registered to any plan, you will be placed 3 x 10 matrix. This means you can only have 3 down lines place directly under your (1st level).

Your 4th-12th down lines falls under your direct down line (2nd level) etc. This pattern continues till your 10th level.

1st level- 3

2nd level -9

3rd level- 27

4th level- 81

5th level- 243

6th level- 729

7th level – 2187

8th level- 6561

9th level -19683

10th level- 59049

Now ,the beauty of this is that, depending on the package you register with, you can earn your commission when people join through your Referral ID, purchase airtime or data upto the 10th level of your down line network as shown below :

Basic members earn upto their 5th level.

Bronze members earn upto their 6th level .

Silver members earn upto their 7th level.

Gold members earn upto their 8th level.

Diamond earn upto their 9th level .

Platinum earn upto their 10th level.

Let me clearly make it understandable and make it clear further for you.

 There are Four (4) ways of earning from RAGP :

1. Direct referral bonus ( 20%)
2. Indirect referral bonus ( 10% — 1%)
3. Leadership bonus
4. Award / Incentive


You get 20% of N50, 000 = N10, 000 for every PLATINUM member you Sponsor personally.
You get 20% of N40, 000 = N8000 for every DIAMOND member you Sponsor personally.
You get 20% of N30, 000 = N6000 for every GOLD member you Sponsor personally.
You get 20% of N20, 000 = N4000 for every SILVER member you Sponsor personally.
You get 20% of N10, 000 =N2000 for every BRONZE member you Sponsor personally.
You get 20% of N5, 000 =N1000 for every BASIC member you personally Sponsor, etc.


Indirect Down lines are people sponsored by your direct down lines, down to 10th level. Indirect bonus is calculated as follows.
2nd level 10%
3rd level 5%
4th level 2.5%
5th level 1.25%
6th level 1%
7th level 1%
8th level 1%
9th level 1%
10th level 1%

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Every newly registered member of RAGP is given PV ( point value) as follows:
Platinum = 200 PV
Diamond = 160 PV
GOLD. = 120 PV
BASIC. = 20 PV

If in any given Month, through newly registered members you accumulate 10, 000 PV to 25, 000 PV, you get paid N100,000 as a leadership bonus.
This being reward for exceptional Team building effort. This is the third way you can make money from RAGP.


The fourth way you make money from RAGP is through winning awards. Set as incentives to motivate member to aim high and work hard. Once again, it is based on PVs accumulated from new entrants to your network (TEAM). They are as follows.


Accumulated over time 25, 000 PV from all registered members in your network and qualify for a Tourism / Vacation trip to Dubai or Receive N500, 000 cash.

ii. SMALL CAR AWARD = N2, 000,000

Accumulated 60, 000 PV over time from all registered members of your network ( TEAM) and qualify to receive a small car or N2 million cash from RAGP LTD

iii. HOUSE FUNDS = N3,000,000

Accumulated 100, 000 PV from registered members of your Team over time and qualify for a House Fund worth N3 million cash.
For every recharge card that anybody buys from me,I am paid 2% of the amount the person bought. For every data anybody buys from me,I get paid 10% of it. I can recharge people’s Gotv and Dstv and be paid 20% of the money too in addition to their fee for recharging when they buy from me. Is this not good?

Now you can register with 5k,10k,20k,30k,40k and 50k. Its a one time registration fee. Once you register, you will be paid 20% back of what you registered with instantly.

Now, let us do the calculation :

When you join, your Earnings start immediately and your account is activated instantly, Your 20% of your Sign up fees is also instantly credited to your wallet account and any recharge cards and cables subscription you made in your account dashboard will automatically earn the commissions.

Now after that….

If for example, JOHN  register with your referral ID and JOHN chooses to start with the Bronze package which is ₦10,000

JOHN will earn back N2,000 instantly. that is, his 20% AND 40 Points (PV).

You that referred JOHN Will also earn N2,000 and 40 Points (PV).

And if JOHN NOW register VIVIAN with the same package , VIVIAN earns N2,000 and 40 Points (PV). JOHN that referred VIVIAN Will also earn N2,000 and 40 Points (PV).

You that don’t even know VIVIAN will earn N1000 referral bonus FROM VIVIAN and 40 Points (PV).

You will always getting commission from the recharge cards from VIVIAN and those under VIVIAN , you will also getting same earning commission from  John and all referals under john . And so on like that…



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